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This is your website; it is written and maintained by Wiltshire Tree Wardens in cooperation with Wiltshire Council's Rights of Way & Countryside Team. Its primary purpose is to provide you with information about events, training and activities in Wiltshire and elsewhere and to enable you to find any information you may need.

If you would like to get in touch with other Wiltshire Tree Wardens and enable them to contact you please email info@wiltshiretreewardens.co.uk

The aim of the website is to

  • raise awareness of potential problems for local trees and woodland
  • learn about trees and their management
  • improve your knowledge and skill to maintain and improve the area in which you live
  • provide a platform to let others know what you are doing and achieving locally
  • pass on knowledge and information
  • encourage all Tree Wardens to take advantage of training and get involved