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Past Training

March 2015 - Savernake Forest

Wiltshire Tree Wardens were grateful to Steve Russell of Woodland & Countryside Management Ltd who led a training to look at the wonderful archaeological features hidden within Savernake forest.

We looked at WWII ammo storage areas, burial mounds, ditches, banks, large old boundary trees, Roman roads and trench systems etc. There were discussions on how best to protect these features when working within a wooded area with historical interest. Steve spoke about the importance of using maps to identify features within the woods, including OS maps, aerial photography and Lidar, a detection system working on the principle of radar, but using light from a laser. This helps to create an accurate picture of what is on the ground such as depressions, mounds, trenches etc and it can also provide heights of vegetation - all very useful tools for looking into archaeology.

November 2014 - Wilton House Garden

The Garden was opened specially for a Winter Tree Indentification by kind permission of Lord Pembroke and the Wilton Estate. Steve Russell of Woodland & Countryside Management led the training on a cold wet morning ably assisted by Rich Murphy and Jim Mulholland, the Council Tree Officers. The group of 25 enthusiasts looked at mainly native trees and some others which could be confused with them identifying them by their shape, branches, bark, buds, smell and feel. It was a wonderful opportunity to have all this expertise available to us and we also had three people who worked on the estate for many years who filled us in on the history of some of the plantings. It was a really memorable morning which we hope we may be able to repeat again before too long.

fallen leaves Jim and Rich

October 2014 - Westonbirt Arboretum

Thanks to the Countryside Team who organised a guided tour around this famous arboretum. Although it was probably a week or so early for the best autumn colour, the weather could not have been better and the guide, Thorrold Cox, was very enthusiastic and informative. It was an opportunity to see some champion and unusual trees and to learn about their origins. Everyone gained in knowledge and the day was very much enjoyed by all.

May 2014 - Corsham

Another OPAL Tree Survey took place in the north of the county on the Corsham Estate led by Tree and Woodland Officers Rich Murphy and Jim Mullholland. Wiltshire Tree Wardens, families and tree enthusiasts from the Corsham area took part in the survey activities which have specifically been designed for people of all ages and abilities to start exploring and recording local nature. Whilst learning about local trees and gathering lots of interesting information, people can also contribute their findings to a national research programme investigating the condition of the nation's trees and the factors affecting them. To find out how to take part look at what you can do.

2 November 2013 - Oakfrith Wood

Steve Russell, Managing Director of Woodland & Countryside Management and Oakfrith Woodland advisor and Trustee, led a workshop in Oakfrith Wood. The morning event provided the volunteers with an opportunity to look at the management of the wood and to work with, talk to and learn from volunteers who have been working in Oakfrith Wood for many years. There were plenty of opportunities for discussion on various tree related issues including historic and recently planted woodland, the importance of woods, woodland management, ecology, historic features and the importance of community engagement. This was then followed by a practical session on hazel coppicing. After a good morning's discussion and work, the BBQ was enjoyed by all under the cover of the green woodworking area.

21 September 2013 - Montacute

The South West Tree Warden Forum took place at the village hall in Montacute. After lunch there were three outdoor workshops in the grounds of Montacute House. Lottie Allen, the head gardener, together with Phil Poulton, the Tree Officer from South Somerset, explained some of the work which is necesssary on the hedges and trees on the property, Mimi Rousell told us how she came to be involved with creating wood sculptures and how they have encouraged a wider variety of people to relate to trees in a different way. We were also encouraged to take part in the OPAL survey to provide early warning on the spread of pests and diseases on our local trees (see below).

7/8 August 2013 - Opal Tree Survey

Wiltshire Tree Wardens, friends and Natural England volunteers were given guidance on how to take part in the OPAL Tree Health survey. There is concern about our native trees particularly Oak, Ash and Horse Chestnut. The aim of the survey is to ask volunteers to keep a look out for pests and diseases and record them so that action can be taken to protect our trees. In particular there are six pests and diseases that could pose a serious threat to our trees if they become established in the UK. Two evening sessions were run, one in the north and one in the south of the county led by Countryside Officer Vicky Roscoe and Tree Officer Rich Murphy in collaboration with OPAL. To find out how to take part look at what you can do.

2 March 2013 - Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning Fruit Trees with Richard Cripps near Rowde, Devizes - a full day training including some practical experience using very sharp tools on the trees at Self Unlimited!

Vicky and Ali taking precautions!

2 February 2013 - Tree Identification

Winter tree identification in the grounds of Lackham College with Vicky Roscoe and Rich Murphy from the Rights of Way & Countryside Service - a practical outdoor workshop focusing on identifying the main features of a tree such as the shape and form, bark colour and texture, shoot and twig colour and the bud arrangement. Being able to identify trees in winter is difficult because the majority of tree species native or naturalised in Wiltshire's countryside are deciduous, shedding their leaves during the trees' dormant period.



24 October 2012 - Stourhead

A walk round Stourhead with Alan Power, the Estate Manager, organised by Shane Verrion, the Salisbury Tree Officer

Tree Warden group Alan Power

22 August 2012 - Tree Identification

Rich Murphy with Steve Russell at the Tree Identification event at Urchfont

Tree Warden group Rich Murphy

June 2012 - Formative Pruning

Vicky and Rich Murphy with Tree Wardens at the Formative Pruning Session on Harnham Slope, Salisbury

Tree Warden group Rich Murphy
Pruning practice

March 2012 - Urchfont

Jon Stokes of the Tree Council with Tree Wardens at Urchfont.

2010 - Longleat

Ted Green at Longleat,

April 2009

Jill Butler and Ted Green at a training event for Wiltshire Tree Wardens, in Savernake Forest.

February 2009

Launch of Wiltshire Tree Wardens at Lackham.