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We welcome feedback on the website. Please contact us on info@wiltshiretreewardens.co.uk. This address can also be used to get in touch with other Tree Wardens and enable them to contact you.
Here are some useful contacts:

Vicky Roscoe Vicky Roscoe

Assistant Countryside Officer, coordinating the Tree Warden Scheme for Wiltshire. Vicky is the first point of contact for Tree Wardens.

Rights of Way & Countryside Environment Services
County Hall, Bythesea road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8JD

Tel: 01225 718647

Ali Rasey Ali Rasey

The Countryside Officer for Wiltshire Council with a particular knowledge and interest in bats.

Rich Murphy Richard Murphy

Richard is responsible for dealing with matters relating to Council owned trees in the West and East of the County. He is particularly knowledgeable on fungi, pests and diseases.


Jim Mullholland
Tree & Woodland Officer responsible for dealing with matters relating to Council owned trees in the North and South of the County. He is particularly interested in woodland ecology.


Tel: 01225 718742 Ext 18742

Tree Officers responsible for planning applications in Conservation Areas of Wiltshire -
Shane Verrion is the Salisbury Tree Officer. All applications for tree work to be done in the south of Wiltshire are his responsibility.
Tel: 01722 434416

David Wyatt is responsible for the central area of Wiltshire.
Tel: 01225 716762

Lisa Price is responsible for the north of Wiltshire.
Tel: 01249 706636

Steve Russell

Steve Russell originally set up the Tree Warden Scheme while working for Wiltshire Council. He is now the Managing Director of Woodland & Countryside Management and has over 30 years' experience of managing and protecting trees. He is also a Tree Warden.