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What can you do?

Look for pests and diseases in your area.
Help identify serious threats to our native trees particularly Oak, Ash and Horse Chestnut.
Identify and report pests and diseases, so that they can be monitored in order to prevent the spread and plan for the future.
Forestry Commission- Look at the website for detailed information.
What to look for on Oak?
What to look for on Ash?
What to look for on Horse Chestnut?

Record your findings through OPAL (The Open Air Laboratories network).
Your information will be used to study the condition of the nation's trees and the distribution of tree pests and diseases and in due course you will be able to see your results and the results submitted by others displayed on their interactive online map. You can do this by completing their survey.
Download the form or contact Vicky Roscoe who will send them to you.

MOST UNWANTED Pests and Diseases
There are other pests and diseases that are either not yet present in the UK or they are not widespread but the Forestry Commission MUST be alerted immediately if you find them so that the necessary action can be taken to control them.
What are the most unwanted pests and diseases to look out for?

Who to contact
If you find a tree which is showing obvious signs of Chalara Ash Dieback infection, please contact the Defra helpline 08459 335577 to report it or use the tree alert form on the Forestry Commission website
If you believe you have a case of any of these diseases, please report it to the Forestry Commission Plant Health Team with photos if possible and postcode location.
In either case please contact Vicky Roscoe as well, so that she is aware of what is happening in Wiltshire.

Are the trees in your area being properly looked after?
Look at the current examples of 'What has been done' in Wiltshire. If there are similar problems near you, get in touch to coordinate action.