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What have Wiltshire Tree Wardens done?

Vandalism to eight fruit trees recently planted in the Tisbury Community Orchard

Four of the trees were snapped off near the ground and will have to be replaced. Of the other four, two may be saved and the others should recover. Enquiries revealed that three children aged between about 6 and 9 were observed swinging on the trees and snapping off branches on Saturday 20th September 2014 (Carnival day in Tisbury). A report was made to the Police by the local Tree Warden who discovered the damage and the Community Police Officer made enquiries and discovered the culprits. He has spoken to them and as a result he thinks this is unlikely to happen again.


Strimmer damage in Salisbury


The Parks Department and the Salisbury Tree Officer have now agreed that strimmers should not be used within one metre of tree trunks, newly planted trees should have tree guards and an area of one metre round them should be mulched which will not only do the trees good but prevent the need for strimming. A large number of the damaged trees including a new memorial cherry just outside the Arts Centre had to be condemned and will be replaced in the next planting season.

Neglect of newly planted trees by Wiltshire Highways Department

Beech tree on A30 in Fovant

It has now been agreed that in future contractors planting trees along the highway will be instructed to plant them with one metre clearance of grass and weeds and that they should be mulched. If this has not been done Tree Wardens should try to arrange for mulch to be delivered.

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